Statistics show companies leaving metropolitan areas

- ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC)- New statistics show many businesses are moving away from metropolitan areas like Rochester, leaving inner-city people with fewer options for employment.

The report is a startling reality for Antwan Williams, the director of the Rochester Works Summer Youth Program. The Rochester Works team will soon begin to place youth in jobs across the city. They have been doing so for the past eight-years.

Williams said something needs to be done to keep employers in the city.

"It's an issue. The fact that jobs are leaving the city and we know young people struggle with transportation so it's a snow ball effect," Williams said. "It could get worst if we as a community don't figure something out."

The new report is by the Brookings Institute. It says the number of jobs close to residents living within city limits nationally declined by 6-percent from 2000 to 2012. In Rochester, the average decline was about 11-percent. Some neighborhoods saw a decline of jobs over 22-percent. 
Ruthanne Campbell, Rochester Works communications specialist said she is optimistic.

"There are companies moving," Campbell said. "But I think there are so many small to medium size businesses that are growing."

Either way, Rochester Works is committed to finding city youth jobs. The program accepts more than 3,000 resumes each year. It employs around 1,000 youth every summer at companies around the city. The teens will earn minimum wage while getting work experience. The program is open to people ages 14 to 20-years old in middle or high school. 95-percent of last year's participants completed their jobs successfully.

Rochester Works Summer Youth Program is subsidized by the state. The kids salaries are paid for with federal funds.

Rochester Works wants to reach more teens but they can only do so if other businesses partner with them. If you're interested in doing so you can find information on the Rochester Works website.

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