State Responds To Growing Heroin Epidemic

- Heroin knows no borders, and it's rapidly spreading in cities, suburbs and rural areas. Locally, there's been a dramatic increase in addiction and death. Heroin took the life of actor and Fairport native Philip Seymour Hoffman in February. Just a few weeks ago, the U of R put out a warning, when 19 year old Juliette Richard was found dead in her dorm room. Her friends tell me she struggled with heroin.
"These are young people that have their lives ahead of them and first and foremost we want to let them know you do not want to grab the tail of that dragon it's different than other drugs it's powerful and deadly," State Senator Joe Robach says.
Last month, State Police arrested Keshequa school teacher Danielle Conner Willowglade. She's accused of stealing students instruments to feed her drug addiction.
"This person is highly educated she has her Masters and she's a school teacher so it affects everybody and it shows you how addictive this drug is," NY State Trooper Mark O'Donnell says.
Robach is hosting 12 state-wide forums on the consequences of heroin. He says it's available, and doesn't cost much.
"When people are making that decision to cross that line for what ever reason, we do know this for a fact it's very strong, it's very swift and often times i'ts very fatal," says Robach.
O'Donnell warns one hit of heroin can get you addicted. Robach hopes education cuts people free from this deadly drug.
Robach's forum will be held Tuesday April 15 from 10 am- 12 pm, at the Monroe County Office Building, Room 406.

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