State Giving Prosecutors Access To Drivers' Ticket History

- If you have gotten a ticket while driving, over the past 10 years, prosecutors will now have access to it. 

The Department of Motor Vehicles is help criminal attorneys make "more informed judgments" when considering a plea for a current driving charge. For example, people who get speeding tickets often get the ticket knocked down to a lesser charge, like a parking violations. By making ticket history available, the courts will have a more accurate record of the violator's complete driving history.

"Those individuals may take advantage of the plea bargaining process that exists in different courts and jurisdictions without those prosecutors having the benefit of understanding and rally examining this person's driving history. So in that regard this is good," Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Raymond Benitez said.

Prosecutors will now have ticket information on point-bearing violations, drug and alcohol-related offense and driving without a license. 

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