State Education Commissioner Visits Greece Schools


Mayanne Prevosti is teaching even more writing and critical thinking skills with the new common core at Greece Odyssey.

Prevosti understands the anxiety but notices improvement.

"This is my 13th year teaching and it is the first year where I can see a distinct beginning where their growth has occurred throughout the year," said Mayanne Prevosti, 7th grade ELA teacher.

Greece was awarded a $1 million state grant this school year.

It provides for 17 teacher leaders who can support training on the new standards.

Greece was also awarded the grant last school year as well.

"Change is very scary especially as an educator, we are very passionate about what we do because our product is the kids in front of us," said Chris Marino, a teacher leader.

Hot off testing week, State Education Commissioner John King stopped by Greece Odyssey to see how collaboration is going between teachers.

"They are thinking critically because of the work on the standards and that is all very promising," said John King, New York State Education Commissioner.

He also met with parents who like the standards but not the implementation.

"Common core standards are really critical for American students to compete, but we need to be careful

"I think people don't like to be shocked and I think that was the thing," said Curtis Birthwright, a parent

Commissioner king is not shocked by lawmakers changes that include removing scores from student transcripts temporarily.

"We haven't delayed the instruction to students which ultimately matters most what is happening in classrooms supports students long-term success," said King.

Success that will eventually be measured by New York's new standards.

Commissioner King says they will continue to modify the new curriculum as the years continue.

As for the number of parents who had their children refuse these exams, he said it's a very small percentage and expects that to drop as the Common Core continues to evolve.

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