St. John Fisher Buys Land

- You've probably passed it, or parked there while at Bills camp - it's the park and ride right at the corner of 490 and 31F.

The New York State Department of Transportation had possession of the land as part of a previous project for 490.  The property was appraised at $89,000.  Today, St. John Fisher bought it at auction for $130,000.

"Because of our open process, we do have to put it on the auction block for other interested parties, and we did have another party that was interested, but St. John Fisher was very aggressive in their bidding, and it appears they will be successful in securing the property," said Mary Beth Ball, Acting Director of Right of Way, NYSDOT.

Money from the sale goes back to the DOT.  No word from St. John Fisher on what they plan on doing with the land.

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