Snow Angels - Emeritus at Perinton Park Manor

On a late winter day, Alison Jones does the work of a snow angel, taking lunch and talking shop with Peg Hussong at Peg's home in Brockport. Alison is the Community Relations Director for Emeritus at Perinton Park Manor. Snow Angels is the program it runs for seniors like Peg who rely on the kindness of family, friends and professional aides to remain independent and strong.

"I'm feeling just fine," says Peg. "I have lots of help, I'm not in pain, so i consider myself very fortunate."

Snow Angels retrieve senior's mail, bring them meals, and do small household chores. Peg first met Alison three years ago, when she and her late husband George were considering assisted living. They wound up staying at home, but Alison stayed in touch.

"It never worked out for one reason or another, but you know they were still in our area and it was such a pleasure to work with them, and I wanted to make sure they were safe," says Alison.

"I always look for Alison," says Peg. "She's a very special person to me."

This may have been a mild winter, but snow angels know no season. It's a program of generosity, and friendship.

Snow Angels is actively seeking volunteers. For more information on the Snow Angel Program at Emeritus at Perinton Park Manor, click here.

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