Simplest Way to Find Out Exactly How the Health Care Bill Affects You

 You want to cut through all the details and get to the basics.  How exactly will this new health care bill affect you, your insurance, and your taxes?  Here's the simplest way to figure it out.

The Washington Post has created this great quiz to get you the answers.   It's 4 simple questions: whether or not you're insured and how you get your insurance; your family size; marital status; and your income.

Those 4 factors are the basis for all the changes in the health care bill.  This widget tailors a response based on your answers.  The paper has answers for every combination of options.

For example, say you're single with no children, make $50,000 a year and get insurance through work.  The Washington Post says you won't see changes in your insurance coverage or pay additional taxes.

Try it out for yourself - it takes a matter of seconds.

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