Sheriff Expects Deputies to Be Disciplined in Jail Escape

Several Monroe County jail deputies could be in trouble. Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn expects that deputies on duty when two inmates escaped back in March will be disciplined. O'Flynn spoke out for the first time Monday about a scathing report on the escape by The New York State Commission of Corrections. "Obviously this is not a very proud moment when you have something like this occur," said O'Flynn.
The 56 page report accuses jail deputies of failing to do mandatory inspections and giving inmates special treatment. "I just feel they made some assumptions and connected some dots that shouldn't be connected. The conspiracys and that kind of thing that were going on did not occur," said O'Flynn. The report claims deputies could have prevented the escape if they would have followed procedure. "We're housing close to 15-hundred inmates and it is one of the facilities that the commission themselves use for an example on how to do the job," said O'Flynn.

Monroe County Legislator Willie Lightfoot is on The Public Safety Committee and wants to meet with Sheriff O'Flynn to discuss the report. "A lot of people have concerns that there were improper things going on in Monroe County Jail," said Lightfoot. " We need to take it very seriously and do the proper things to make sure our jail is as safe as it's supposed to be and the people serving are getting the service they need." O'Flynn says they are following 17 of 19 recommendations. They've started a major construction project to move the deputy station to a more central location in the jail. They have also changed visiting policies. "Overall we are addressing the problems and making sure this is a good quality place and a place that I'm proud of," said O'Flynn. The department will complete its investigation by January.

To read the full report by the Commission of Correction, click here.

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