Shawna's Story: A Family's Loss From Texting & Driving

A Brockport mom is using her personal tragedy to make a difference.   Kris Cyr's daughter, Shawna, died in a car accident in 2006.   Investigators say Shawna was texting and driving.  "It is a parent's nightmare," said Kris Cyr.   Cyr, a teacher in Brockport, now visits other schools to share Shawna's story on the lessons of distracted driving.

According to AAA, there are more than 7-thousand car accidents everyday because of distracted driving. The risk of a car accident increases by 50 percent for people who text while driving.  "We are so conditioned, regardless of what we are doing, to reach for the phone and find out who is there and immediately respond," said Kris Cyr.  "A message can wait until you stop the car, until you are home."

Casey Cyr was just 13-years-old when her older sister Shawna died.  "I don't want anybody to go through what our family has been through," said Casey Cyr.  She goes with her mother to speak to high school students.  "We can't help but cry and I think people understand the impact that it has on us too."   During the presentation the Cyrs play video of Shawna from when she was a baby.   Kris Cyr hopes the images of what they lost will make people think twice before taking their hands off the wheel.  "I won't see her ever get older.  We didn't see her graduate.  We won't see her get engaged, get married and have children," said Kris Cyr.  "They hear this stuff all the time, but if they feel it maybe they will stop."

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