Several Businesses in Gates Close Due to Power Outages

- "Were gonna have to move that appointment because unfortunately we have no power."

That's how Lynn Feola spent her Wednesday morning. She has been going through Ultra Image Salons appointment book and calling customers to reschedule hair or nail appointments, "I have people that I booked later today that if power comes back on I'll just call and love people back up again."

Dennis Kindred, an executive with Allegheny Co-op Insurance Company is dealing with the same issue. He came to work to see the sign of his business blown off by the storm, "I mean I'm looking at this pole here snapped right in the middle being held up by some kind of boom snapped poles all the way down the road here and I lost power at 8:00 last night"

Business isn't booming for Ed Nettnin at West Side Medical Supply. They take numerous phone calls and walk in business daily. Now, they're closed and Ed is worried about the people that need their weekly medical supplies, "Pretty rough in there right now it's a mess an absolute mess well be hurting today."

Now, business owners wait for power to be restored, and business to kick back up.

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