Spoons Could Be To Blame For Dosage Errors

 A simple spoon may be to blame for a surprising number of medication dosage errors.

In a recent study published in The Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers discovered that participants misjudged the amount of liquid medicine based on the size of the spoon they were given. The 195 student subjects of the study were given a 5ml teaspoon, which held the proper dosage, and asked to fill it. They were then given a tablespoon and larger, regular spoon and asked to fill those with the same 5ml of liquid medicine.

Despite having filled the teaspoon properly, participants of the study under-filled the tablespoon by 8% of the proper dosage while over-filling the larger spoon by as much as 12%.

This number becomes incredibly significant when dealing with medicines taken multiple times a day, and even more so when that medicine is prescription. The researchers who issued this study urge patients taking liquid medicine to use a measuring cap, dosing spoon or other accurate device when administering medication.

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