Good News For Sufferers Of Early-Onset Alzheimer's

 Good news for sufferers of early-onset Alzheimer’s: the Social Security Administration has amended its rules to allow rush-approval for those patients to receive disability pay.

On February 11th, The Social Security Administration added early-onset Alzheimer’s to its “Compassionate Allowance” conditions list. The list, started in 2008 with 50 conditions, was created in response to criticism of delays and overly-denied claims. Inclusion in the Compassionate Allowance conditions list reduces the estimated wait time for approval to just a few days, as opposed to the average wait of over a year.

In order to qualify for these new benefits, you must clearly state your condition when filing for disability. You must also meet the federal guidelines for approved disabilities: inability to continue your current work, inability to adjust to other work because of your condition and that your disability has or is expected to last either for at least one year or to result in death.

Early-onset Alzheimer’s has the same symptoms as Alzheimer’s but occurs in patients under the age of 65. It is estimated that over 200,000 Americans have early-onset Alzheimer’s.

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