Senator Schumer Pushing for Federal Funding to Revitalize Main Street

- Senator Chuck Schumer is pushing for $1.6 million dollars in federal funding, to revitalize Rochester's main street.  Some of the money would be used to add more on street parking.  This is welcome news for business owners, and their customers.  They say parking on main street is a hassle, because of bus lanes.  Aladdin kelbas owns Byblos Cafe on Main street.  You can't park in front of it because there's a bus lane.  Senator Schumer wants to turn that bus lane into parking spaces, once the new downtown terminal opens in November.  Kelbas believes that change will bring in more business, " I think it would be a great advantage, for people to just actually be able to park in front of the shop or restaurant that they want to go to and take a couple minutes to walk to the restaurant or their destination without the hassle."

The money will also be used for other projects to beautify downtown.

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