Sen. Schumer pushing for lights to be added to Summerville Pier

- Irondequoit, N.Y. (WROC) - Sen. Chuck Schumer was in Irondequoit on Monday, promoting a new initiative to add lights along the Summerville Pier on Lake Ontario. Currently, the pier only has one light.

The pier in has been at the center of many boating accidents over the last decade but Schumer believes many could have been prevented with better lighting, which is why he created this initiative. Schumer wrote a letter to the Coast Guard and the Army Corp of Engineers asking for them to investigate and create a plan that would illuminate the pier at night.

"Twice already summer boats crashed into Summerville Pier in Irondequoit," Schumer said. "Four people were injured and both collisions occurred at night when the pier is not easily scene. Neither of these cases involved alcohol."

Many boaters call the Summerville Pier an optical illusion, since it sits lower than the Charlotte pier to its west. According to the Irondequoit Town Supervisor, Adam Bello it is important to add lights to the Summerville pier.

"The way the piers are situated in the water is that one pier is lower than the other," Bello said. "So when you approach it going west bound on the lake it can be disorienting not knowing what pier you're looking at. So by better lighting the pier it would provide boaters some more reference points."

Bello continued to say boater responsibility is still important but adding lights will help cut down on accidents.

Ann Fields of Irondequoit and an avid boater said she believes this will save lives.

"I don't think you can put a cost on a simple measure," Fields said. "To ensure the safety and well being of boaters out here."

According to the Army Corp of Engineers, Summerville Pier meets all federal requirements.

No word on how much this project will cost taxpayers.

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