Sen. Schumer Proposes Plan To Help Clean Diaz Plant

More than a decade after an environmental disaster, the Diaz Chemical Plant in Holley is still dangerous. 

Thursday in Holley, Senator Chuck Schumer unveiled a plan to tax companies that pollute and use the money to pay for big clean up projects.

For 11 years the vacant Diaz Chemical Plant in Holley has been contaminated. The plant closed in 2003 after a chemical spill polluted the land and air and forced many neighbors to move. This is one of 86 sites throughout New York waiting to be cleaned. But, a federal super fund doesn't have enough money to get the work done. 
Senator Chuck Schumer has plan to help clean places like the Diaz Plant, a pollution tax. 

"If you created pollution, you should clean it up. You make this site messy, you clean up your mess. You make this site dirty, you clean up that dirty site," said Sen. Schumer at a press conference outside the Diaz Plant.  

Holley has been struggling since the spill.

"If you are a little village, like Holley, tax payers here can't afford the cost of a huge clean up. It'll bankrupt the village. You won't be able to do anything else. That's why we did super fund," added Schumer. 

The mayor of Holley knows first hand, just talking about money doesn't help his community. But, he remains positive, hoping cash will flow back into the Diaz project soon.

"If we get this so that it becomes a reality in a year, that's soon. I've learned that's a reasonable amount of time to anticipate," said Mayor John Kenney. 

Cleaning up Diaz would put a smile on Mayor Kenny's face and with a new plan in Washington, it may become a reality.

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