Search Continues for Ontario County Man

The disappearance of an Ontario County man remains a mystery. 32-year-old Adam Chase was last seen in June.

Now there's one thing his family wants for Christmas.

"There's one thing, and just one thing, that they collectively would like as a present during this holiday season and that is to hear from a brother, a son, a husband, and other members in the family that I am okay," said Sheriff Phil Povero of Ontario County.

Investigators say Adam Chase left his home on June 14 after arguing with his wife. That's the last time his family saw him.

They believe Chase returned to his home in Stanley days later to pick up personal belongings and his cell phone. On June 19, Chase sent three text messages saying he was okay.

There's been no contact with family or friends since. Still today, family members believe Adam is alive.

"Adam, if you can hear this, you have a place to come home to. Call me, email me whichever. Just come home. That's it," said Silvia Chase, Adam's Mother.

"There's absolutely no evidence at this time to indicate that this is anything other than a truly upsetting and very stressful missing person investigation," said Povero.

Chase is in no trouble with the law. His family and authorities just want to make sure he's okay.

"Even if he doesn't come back, just that message that I'm okay," said Povero.

Since Chase's disappearance, investigators say there has been no financial activity with any of his credit cards or banks.

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