Science Stars Shine Light on East High

- Some East High students saw their name in lights Saturday at the premiere of their documentary.

"You Are Not Alone" was screened at the Cinema Theater in Rochester Saturday.

Science Stars is an all-girl after-school group that explores issues in science. The program is run through the University of Rochester.

"I want girls going through the program feeling like they can and could contribute to science," said April Luehmann, Associate Professor at the University of Rochester.

"I just like it because it is a place that I can be me and I like science so I get to kind of express myself," said Marissa Colaianni, a student.

For four months, the teens surveyed and documented the issues of teen depression. They learned how to use cameras, edit, and conduct interviews.

"I think the work is just amazing! It's the first time I have actually been excited for something I actually accomplished," said Semaj Tillery, a student.

They now hope their documentary helps others and shines a light on positive work happening at East High School.

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