Schumer says Don't Force Communities to Take Immigrant Children


There are reportedly thousands of immigrant children looking for places to stay in the U.S. before being deported.  Today Senator Chuck Schumer explained how the federal government isn't looking at Rochester as one of those places.

Late last week, Rochester city officials met with local agencies to see if the city could adequately accommodate these children with no place to go.  Right now, Blossom South is the only location in the city that has volunteered their location as potential a site.

Mayor Lovely Warren recently said she needs volunteer agencies to be prepared and willing to take on this challenge before she offers Rochester as a possible location for housing.  But Senator Schumer says the federal government isn't evening considering the Flower City at the moment.

"I don't think any community should be forced to accept them," explained Senator Schumer.  "If some communities want them, that's fine; other communites that don't want them, that's fine too.  I haven't heard of a single proposal to put them in Rochester at this point."

In July, the mayor of Syracuse wrote a letter to President Obama asking for the children to be taken in to her city.

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