Schumer Calls For Funding For Braddock Bay Project

- Senator Charles Schumer is calling for federal funding to help restore a portion of Braddock Bay in Greece. 

Once known as a boater's paradise, Braddock Bay has taken a turn for the worse.

"[It] used to be a thriving marina [with] a lot of people. It was a party spot. Now there is maybe 15 boats in that marina," David Johnson said.

The reason for the decline- Hurricane Agnes in 1972 destroyed a large section of the barrier beach. The bay is now damaged from Lake Ontario- a bay now two feet deep when it used to be 12 feet deep.

"Years ago growing up down here, the bay was very accessible to boaters, fishermen, hunters; and over the years the sediment has filled in," Steve Klaassen said.

Now a $9 million project is hoping to change that. Senate Chuck Schumer called on the EPA to fund a new barrier beach. The money will help boaters and fishers regain access to Lake Ontario among other things.

"It restores 340 acres of wetland habitats that boost bird and fish life in the bay. Guess who is interested in that? An agency that has some money called the EPA," Schumer said.

Right now, erosion around the barrier makes the water too shallow, and that can be dangerous for people trying to get out on the water.

"It's rough out there. I can't get out. I have to go to another port," Johnson said.

If approved, Schumer believes property values for almost 100 homes will also go back up.

"The more people who keep their boats at Braddock, the more people we have supporting the marina. The more people we have coming to Greece, eating in the restaurants, buying a few things in the stores; it's all good," he said.

Although the project is not funded yet, residents remain hopeful.

"I think you will get a lot more interest in people coming down here. These docks used to be full and now if there is a dozen of boats down here during the summer it's good for everybody," Johnson said.

Once the funding is secured, the bay could be restored within two years. 

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