Schumer Calling For Vet Psychiatric Response Center

- Senator Charles Schumer says the chain of events leading up to the D.C. Navy yard shooting point t a serious problem, and he does not want to see the same problem in New York.

According to Schumer, Navy yard shooter Aaron Alexis told police he was hearing voices and went to two different VA medical center emergency rooms. He was released after getting a prescription for insomnia. Schumer says a more effective form of communication between the VA and law enforcement could get veterans the help they need before it is too late. He is calling for the VA to thoroughly review its mental health practices for veterans. He also wants to create a joint emergency psychiatric response center. The 24-hour center would work with the Department of Defense, local and state law enforcement to identify at-risk veterans and connect them with the VA.

"The hotline would send the information to our VA hospitals and clinics. There are many of them in the Rochester area, and they would be able to reach out to the veteran and give that veteran treatment before he hurt himself or in the rare case others," he said.

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