School #58 Construction Delays

- Former Rochester Mayor Tom Richards returns to public service with a major challenge.  Richards is the new man in charge of modernizing Rochester city schools.  That includes a major overhaul at World of Inquiry, School #58, on University Avenue.  Work was supposed to be done in two years, but that's not going to happen.  Wednesday night parents who are angry about delays demanded answers.

Students, especially juniors,  at Rochester's School #58  were hoping to return to their original school on University Avenue in the fall to spend their senior year there.  For two years they've been relocated to Franklin while construction crews renovate the building.  Last month, parents learned construction will not be completed on time.  In fact,  it could be delayed up to a year.

"I want to know when every single week of this project is moving forward.  Because I put my trust in what you say.  Now I need to see more than trust.  I need to see numbers, I need to see time," said Uhura Garcia, parent.

Parents and the district are disappointed in the delay, the developer says building materials and other construction setbacks out of their hands are pushing back the project.

"Anytime that you have to share a facility, this building was not created for a school of only 800 students.  It was created for a school of 3,500 students.And that's not the community we have at our school.  We've made adjustments and done the best that we can, But, we're ready to go back, said Meghan Reddington, parent.

Just yesterday, former Rochester Mayor Tom Richards was appointed to chair the organization overseeing the project, the Joint School Construction Board.  He showed up tonight at Franklin to learn what he's in for.

"Our goal now, is given the facts, given the things that have happened, which we can't do anything about, and they're real.  What can we do to get them in that school as soon as we can, safely," said Tom Richards, Joint School Construction Board Chair.

"That's our home.  And anytime you're removed from your home and your removed from your home longer than anticipated, you long to go home," said Sheela Webster, School #58 Principal.

Home for now is here at Franklin.

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