Scholastic Arts Spotlight: Meredith Hutchings

- As schools are preparing for their spring musicals, one Canandaigua soprano is turning heads. 

You might say Meredith Hutchings was born to lead. That has certainly been true when it comes to her school musicals. At Canandaigua Academy, Hutchings is a triple threat in acting, singing and dancing. 

"I love the unity that music gives people and that you all can come together under one house and sing music. It's amazing," she said.

This year Hutchings plays the role of Alice Bean in the musical "Titanic." In the play, Hutchings' character is enthralled with first class and lets her husband know it. 

"That kind of hurts their relationship in the snow, because he wants to make so happy but she can't be pleased until she's in the first class," she said of her character.

"When you talk about the type of student who immerses herself in the arts, Meredith is that person," teacher Scott Schauman said. "She's just an all-around student who not only does incredibly well being a student but she's integral to our music program."

Two years ago, Meredith was selected to sing in the American Choral Directors All Eastern Choir. It is an achievement that brings lasting pride- a pride that she hopes to share with students of her own one day.

"I think definitely acting and music is going to help me engage my students and keep them interested in what the topic is at hand, so I'm really excited about that," she said.

Meredith is off to college next year. She will study education, but she will seek out all the theater and music she can. 

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