Mya Pennington - Brockport H.S.

Mya Pennington plays percussion with joy and abandon. Here she is on the tamborine, rehearsing with the Brockport High School Band. It's just one hour of the day. For Mya, every day is devoted to music. She also plays the marimba 6 to 7 hours every day, and always with drama and passion.

Mya's talent and flair are taking her places. Mya is the principal percussionist for the Hochstein Youth Symphony Orchestra. She was chosen to play in the prestigious All-Eastern Honors Orchestra and is the band president at Brockport High. She's the kind of musician that thrills teachers and conductors alike. "She's one of the most talented students I've ever had the pleasure to stand in front of, she's just a joy to work with, very hard-working, driven, concerned," says Shawn Halquist, one of the band directors at Brockport High School. "She's just a phenomenal talent."

We caught up with Mya just as she was wrapping up a season of college auditions. "It's really nervewracking," she says. "I get really nervous, but once I get in there and start playing, it just comes out really naturally and by the end I'm enjoying myself." Mya's goal is to play in a professional orchestra, from the RPO, to the New York Philharmonic. From mallets, to timpany. This phenomenal percussionist is on her way!

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