Conner Burry - North Rose-Wolcott H.S.

Conner Burry is at home on the stage. He's also a leader. At North Rose-Wolcott High School, he's a fixture in the school plays and musicals. We caught up with him as he practiced for the upcoming show, "Curtains." Conner always helps his peers with singing, choreography, stage management and more. He volunteers in local pit bands, performs in community theater, and sings whenever he can.

"I've been fortunate enough over the past four years to have a bunch of really great theater teachers," Conner says, "both here and at Strike It Up Artistic Center, where I study. And they've always inspired me so much, I would love to be able to some day to the same thing for other kids. "

"Conner has a love and a passion and an intellect that just is going to lead him to great success in the future," says North Rose-Wolcott Vocal Music Teacher, Fred Dunn.

This year, Conner was selected for the All-State choir. Besides singing, he plays flute, saxophone and piano, and he dances. Conner wants to make his way as a performer, and he's thinking about teaching too. Next year, he heads to college to study musical theater.

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