Allie Waxman - Allendale Columbia School

At Allendale Columbia, we caught up with Allie Waxman during early rehearsals for "Mousetrap." It's a famous whodonit by Agatha Christie. "I play Mollie Ralston," says Allie. "She's the owner of a guest house that she just opened, she's kind of nervous and wants to make everybody happy and is doing her best until somebody's murdered in the house. It's really exciting. It's my senior show so I can't wait to get it on its feet in front of an audience."

But Allie doesn't just perform at school. She's performed professionally, in plays at Geva Theatre, Rochester Children's Theater, and Rochester City Ballet. "She's completely dedicated to her craft, to the point where she is completely focused," says Jeannie Clinton, the drama teacher at Allendale Columbia. "There's dedication and there's focus, and then you get a combination of both, and that's Allie."

"It's such a wonderful career and wonderful community. The arts community is so supportive and so friendly and warm," says Allie.

She sings, she dances, she acts! Allie will study theater in college, with her on eyes on Broadway.

Allendale Columbia will present Mousetrap, April 20 and 21. To get your tickets, click here.

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