Scholastic Arts Spotlight: Ben Grimm

- Ben Grimm is a senior at Canandaigua Academy whose love for music show in his performance. He's an actor, dancer, pianist, singer and conductor. 

Ben Grimm has always grabbed the brass ring when it comes to music. This gifted student takes everything on with gusto, whether it is the piano or singing, or taking part in the choir. 

"There's really nothing that gives you a greater sense of unity with your peers and with the audience than singing in a concert in a choir," he said.

Ben is trusted by conductors and peers alike. Last year, he was among the select few to be chosen to sing in the American Choral Directors' All Eastern Choir. The conductor singled Ben out in what remains his proudest musical achievement. 

"I led the choir and conducted and taught them, and so the realization that I had the ability to do that and that I could help people around me grow more as musicians and singers was really awesome," he said.

"He's so willing to share his experiences with others, to make sure they benefit, that they gain the confidence he has in his music, this is what sets him apart," vocal director Amy Story said.

"I can definitely see myself still performing regularly and singing incessantly all the time. I really don't know what job I will be doing, but whatever it is I hope it gives me the opportunity to continue learning and continue growing as a musician and a person," Ben said.

Academically, Ben is at the top of his class. He is college-bound and though he plans to study linguistics, he will let music inspire him as he goes. 

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