Running Can Help You Stay Fit

More than 2500 people are already signed up for this year's MVP Health Care Rochester Marathon, and the list is stretching.

Thousands have signed up under Marathon Director Nicole Mau's watch.

She said "When we first brought the race back to Rochester 7 years ago, we didn't know what to expect and it just grows every single year."

One thing Mau says all the runners have in common? They have to dedicate themselves to training, in order to reach the finish line.

She says new runners need about a year to get ready. Seasoned runners need about 16 weeks.

Mau added "The main thing is you really want to build up the strength in your legs and build up your stamina. To do that you've gotta put the miles in and get your legs used to the miles."

This year, runners will see two changes when they sign up. The first, is a chip embedded in their bib to keep track of their time. The second is called an invisible bracelet, and can help keep you safe on the route.

"All we have to do is punch in their bib number and thats gonna give us their emergency information," Mau added. "If they have any allergies, any health issues that we need to know about right away, so we can act right away."

The event is a fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation. It's a perfect fit, according to Mau.

"Research has shown that regular exercise is an effective tool for managing arthritis becasues it strengthens your muscles around your joints, helps increase your flexibility and helps decrease the pain and stiffness in your joints."

The money raised will help the Arthritis Foundation help the community, through exercise classes, support groups, and patient education workshops..

For more information on how you can register for the MVP Health Care Rochester Marathon, click here.

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