RTS Eliminating Four Stops in North Chili: Riders Upset

A decision by RTS to eliminate bus stops has put some riders in a tough position. Route 8A travels twice a day from Rochester to North Chili and back.  Come Monday four stops on that route will be eliminated.  One of the reasons the riders chose to live where they do is because they knew they could rely on the city's bus service to take them to and from work.  After Labor Day they'll have to find a new way to get to their jobs 14 miles from home.

Tracy Cornell depends on RTS to take her to and from work.  She picks up route 8A in front of her apartment at Chili Commons in North Chili  and rides into the city.

"That's my only mode of transportation to get back and forth to work.  I mean, we're one of those families that tries to stay off the system.  Ya know, we work hard.  And here it is, it seems like every time we turn around, ya know, we're getting lambasted by people who don't want to fund things," said Tracy Cornell, North Chili.

Phil Clingan also depends on RTS for his ride to work downtown.

"I take this stop five days a week, Monday through Friday.  Um.  At 7 in the morning.  And get home at night at 6 o'clock at night," said Phil Clingan, North Chili.

The sign at the bus stop informed Tracy and Phil come Monday, the bus will no longer stop here.

"Now, me and several other families that are in jeopardy.  Could lose their job.  Don't have a way to the doctor.  And just, it's unfair.  It's very unfair for those who work hard," said Cornell.

RTS says it is eliminating four stops on route 8A because there aren't enough riders to make it cost effective.  The bus company is doing away with two stops at Chili Heights, one at Viola and Union Square and a fourth at Chili Commons.

"The next stop is Chili-Paul, Chili Center.   And I've walked it. It's about 45 minutes to an hour walk, depending on the weather.  And where you're walking, there is no sidewalk.  So you have the shoulder of the road, okay.  And you're talking a ditch.  So, that's not safe," said Clingan.

Phil says he's buying a bike this weekend and will bike to the nearest stop.  Tracy doesn't know yet what she will do.

RTS told News 8, at one point the bus route was extended because of development at Viola and Union Square.  The developer was hoping for ridership, but the numbers haven't panned out.

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