RTA Protesting

- Dozens of teachers, parents, even students held a demonstration Thursday evening outside central offices.  The demonstrators are upset over working conditions and learning conditions.  They are hoping the district listens to their concerns in order to make for a better learning environment for all students in the district.  Rochester Teachers Union Labor Relations Specialist David Wurz says that teachers are often included in talks about the problems, but they are rarely included in the solution.

"We're standing up for our students today to protest the excessive testing, which we view as educational malpractice.   We are protesting the jump science known as APPR, known as the teacher evaluation system.  We're protesting the violence in schools.  We are also urging Central Office and the Board to listen to teachers," Wurz said.

60 to 70 teachers, parents and students were signed up to speak at tonight's board meeting, which began at 6:30 pm.  We will have much more for you on this story tonight at 11, including district reaction.

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