RPD Details New Reorganization Plan

- The goal is to build a better relationship between Rochester police and the community.   Today, city officials announced a re-organization plan of the police department that they hope will help. 

This new plan will split the city into five different patrolling sections and the whole purpose is to create a bond between the community and it's officers.  The five model plan is a continuation of the plan unveiled in April.  It will reflect the concerns of the community.  Each section of the city will be commanded by a captain.  The sections include Lake, Genesee, Goodman, Clinton and the Central section.  That will be divided into 37 individual patrol beats, an increase from the current 22 police service areas they're using.

The initial cost of the plan comes in at $350,000. Chief Michael Ciminelli estimates an additional ongoing cost of $326,000 to RPD's annual operating budget.  He tells News 8 the plan is not only cost effective, but it will reduce response time for officers as well, "Because what it's gonna do is this is gonna give that officer a chance to focus on his or her time on problems in smaller neighborhood beat they won't be responding to half the city as they sometimes now do."  Mayor Lovely Warren added, "It will reflect the community's plan we will work together as a city to make our community safer."

Chief Ciminelli says there has been overwhelming support by the community and the officers about this plan.  It will take effect March 30th, 2015.

For more details on the reorganization plan, please visit: http://bit.ly/1uvrSvd

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