Roosevelt Bouie Wants to Bring D-League to Rochester

A former Syracuse University star player would like to bring an NBA Developmental League team to Rochester. The D-League is for players honing their skills in preparation of joining the NBA.

Roosevelt Bouie, who lives in Kendall, Orleans County, says he has been working on this plan for nearly a year. 

"A study showed Rochester is the number two city in the country for minor league sports," Bouie said.

Bouie said he did not have financial backing, but has a solid group of managers and advisers. He did not know if the NBA would bring an expansion team to Rochester or relocate a team. 

Bouie said the NBA wants him to show he has support. Bouie researched the NBA's requirements when a group approached him to bring a D-League team to Allentown, Penn. That deal fell apart during the NBA lockout.

"The NBA is looking for strong partnership in the community," Bouie said. 

The NBA told News 8, "Bouie and the NBA D-League are not in any talks at the moment."

The owner of the Rochester Razorsharks professional basketball team, Dr. Sev Hrywnak, said he is in contact with the D-League "all the time." Dr. Hrywnak said he's not interested in bringing the D-League to Rochester.

"It's too cost-prohibtive. The cost is $3 to 6 million to get a team. You can't control the players you have," Dr. Hrywnak said. "They also play too many games...It's tough to get people in Rochester to come out on a February Tuesday night."

As for Bouie's goal to bring a team here, Dr. Hrywnak said, "I wish all entrepreneurs's good to dream."

Click here for Roosevelt's Bouie's website.

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