RocWell Report: "Trim and Spin"


In tonight's Rocwell report one local aquatic center is putting a unique spin on water aerobics. Ali Touhey explains!

It's not everyday you see someone tossing a bike into a pool, unless, of course, your Andrea Dimaria. "I've been doing it for seven years now," said Dimaria,

Dimaria takes “Trim and Spin” at the Webster Aquatic Center on Ridge Road.

"It is deceptively difficult. You get a lot of cardio and you get a lot of weight training," said DiMaria.

“Trim and Spin” is an hour long aerobic class that combines water cycling with upper body resistance movements. Dimaria says she's tried other forms of exercise in the past but always ended getting hurt. She's been injury free since she hopped on the bike in the pool seven years ago.

"People who are recovering from injuries this is great because you don't want to hurt yourself to begin with. This is perfect," explained DiMaria

The aquatic center's been offering the class for the last decade. Sue Hemingway heads community programing like Trim and Spin. She says it continues to grow in appeal. They now have 15 bikes.

"The bikes are specifically designed to be in the water,” said Community Programs Director, Webster Central School District, Sue Hemingway. “They have a paddle wheel on them for resistance which can be adjusted. So, student scan get more or less resistance when they're working out."

All while taking a dip in the pool.

"I do like it because I don't like to sweat. So, (laughs) it's cooler. And if you do get worked up because we do work really hard, you can go under water and cool off,"said DiMaria

For more information on the classes Click Here.  

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