RocWell Report: Selecting Safe Sunglasses

Rochester, NY--Heather Hare rarely leaves the house without her sunglasses.
"I actually wear them even on cloudy days," explained Hare. "The light bothers me a lot."
She's got her eye on new sunglasses, and not just any old pair.
"I've always worn very cheap sunglasses. But, as I get older, I want to treat myself a little better than that."
Something Tom Scalzo advises everyone to do .
He's an optician with the U.R. Medicine Flaum Eye Institute.
He said the quality of your sunglasses matter.
"There are the cheaper ones out there. You'll pay $10 to $20 for a pair. You'll get what you pay for. The lenses are basically just stamped. It's kind of like a press. The quality of optics are not very good."
Scalzo said there are three things to keep in mind when picking out the proper pair of sunglasses:
1. 100% U-V protection
2. Comfortable fit
3. Complete coverage
" You want to be making sure the person's not looking over the glasses, but through them," said Scalzo.
Ground and polished lenses, which help with clarity, also make a difference and so can a sunglasses with a name brand.
"Materials make the difference in the cost. Yes, sometimes you will pay more for a designer. But, typically, you'll get a good quality pair of glasses."
As for Heather, she's treating herself to a quality pair for the first time ever.
She knows it will pay off in the long run.
"It will also force me to respect and take care of my eyes a little bit better," Hare added.

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