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- Fun in the hot sun can be a ticking time bomb for some parents with young kids, Casey Waite included.  Her two kids Teagan and Fin have been known to get heat rash.

"They're very fair skinned so they get it very quickly. It shows up quick," Waite said.  It goes away just as quickly if she gets four-year-old Fin and six-year-old Teagan out of the sun.  "Once I get them cool, give them a cool bath, or get them inside in the air conditioning, it tends to go away," she added.

Heat rash-also known as prickly heat-is a skin rash more common in babies but can also happen to adults. 

Dr. Michael Pichichero is a pediatrician at Legacy Pediatrics.  He says kids tend to get heat rash around the chest and neck area, but it can happen anywhere on your child's body.

"Our sweat glands get blocked, and so when they can't release the sweat, they sort of swell up, and you get little pink or red dots on your body," Pichichero said.

He says heat rash not serious, and there's really no way to treat it.  However if it's bothering your baby, try hydrocortisone cream.  "Definitely don't put on lotions or other types of creams, that will further block the pores," Pichichero added.

Pichichero also suggests dressing your child similar to how you might light weighted clothing.  "Let the air hit the skin so that the body can release its heat.  You need to dress very light, including your baby.  The notion that your baby has to dress warmly doesn't apply on a warm day. That's for the winter," he said.

Hence why Casey and her kids stick to their swimsuits and head to the closest spray park at the first sign of warm weather. 

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