RocWell: Free Cancer Screenings

- You might say the cards are stacked against Mary Lou Williams where her skin is concerned.

"Unfortunately, I have fare skin, lots of freckles, red hair, also a family history," Williams said.

At 66, She's been diagnosed twice herself, once below her left eye and once on her neck.

"Anytime you hear that word, it puts you in a panic," Williams said.

Mary Lou's been getting routine skin cancer screenings ever since her first scare.

"There's a lot of skin cancer out there, so the reason we screen the skin and try to teach people how to diagnose these skin cancers early, when they're much easier to take care of, then the success rate for treating them is a whole lot better," UR Medicine Oncology and Dermatology Professor Marc Brown said.

UR medicine is offering free skin cancer screenings Saturday May 31 from 8 a.m. to noon on the second floor of the ambulatory care facility in the dermatology suite at Strong Hospital. Anyone is eligible for the free check up.

"It's a service for people to come in and have their skin checked who otherwise might not have," Dr. Brown said.

Aside from routine screenings, experts say you should practice safe sun exposure. Wear sunscreen with an SPF 30 or greater and apply it a good 15 minutes before you head outside. Also, dress in loose-fitting clothes and grab a four inch brimmed hat to wear in the sun. These tips combined could protect your skin and prevent sun damage.

For more information on the upcoming free cancer screening click here.

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