Rochester's Finest: RPD Officer Brittany Jones

The Rochester Police Department recently stepped up patrols to fight an up-tick of violence in the city. At the heart of that effort are men and women who put their lives on the line every day and night. New 8's Kevin Doran and Photographer Jay Gardner and have been given access to show you what they deal with on a daily basis. This is the first in a new series called Rochester's Finest.

Rochester Police Officer Brittany Jones works Third Platoon, East side. "My mom always wanted to be a cop but never did. So she always encouraged me to do it."

Jones never knows what she's walking into. On this shift the sun gave way to clouds and rain. A warm day, became a cool night. Jones says cops like bad weather. "Definitely it's usually busier when it's nice out."

From hot to cold or slow to fast, things change instantly.

There's no better example of why cops need to be ready for anything than the recent Boston Marathon bombings. "It makes me think about how I would react if I was in the same situation. Definitely makes think about when I'm in big crowds. You know be more aware of my surroundings and things like that."

There was still plenty to do on what Jones calls a slow day. "On slow days you get to do more proactive stuff. So that's the positive thing about slow days."

Proactive stuff like talking with kids. Or stopping by Jack's Fish Market just to meeting with residents. Whether it's chatting up neighbors, racing to a shooting or dealing with a domestic, it's all part of what cops do. The day ss always different. "I like the idea it's not the same every day" Brittany says. "I don't have to sit at a desk. I wouldn't do too well a that I don't think."

All that, just a normal day, for RPD Officer Brittany Jones, Third Platoon, East side.

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