Rochester Teen Releases Blues Album

- A new blues album with Rochester roots is now available.  Jon Dretto is signed to the same guitar company as Carlos Santana and Dave Navarro. 

Dretto is just 16 years old and believed to be the youngest artist ever signed by a major guitar company.  He calls his style "nuclear blues."  Dretto wrote the music, arrangements, and lyrics for the album in a small studio at his Webster home.  He recorded the tracks at a professional studio.  Dretto says he wasn't always interested in playing the blues.  At first, he played heavy metal and rock.  His dad got him hooked on the genre, " I suggested that he listen to some blues and he was very reluctant, he said that's old people's music dad, I said well just try it because it's a very expressive type of music."  Jon Dretto added, "I describe my style as nuclear blues which is classic blues with a very aggressive edgy sound."

Dretto also sings on the tracks.  His album is available on his website:, CD baby, and iTunes.  He plans to start performing songs from the album soon.

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