Rochester Red Wings Looking to Make $7.5 Million in Renovations to Frontier Field

- The Rochester Red Wings are swinging for the fence when it comes to Frontier Field renovations.

Naomi Silver, President and CEO of the Rochester Red Wings hopes so, "It's well used. The fans have loved it here. We take a lot of pride in this facility in Rochester. It's almost a landmark here."  

Monroe County and the Red Wings hope the state will give them a hand in financing the $7.5 million dollar makeover.  Under the proposal, the county would dish out $2.4 million, the Red Wings: $600,000 and the state would pay for the remaining $4.5 million. 

Naomi added, "It really takes bigger dollars to make these things happen when we are looking for big renovations and 18 years is a long time for a facility, so, we want to ensure another 18 years here." 

The new grass field alone could cost up to $1 million.  The renovations would also have major perks for fans.

"Add some picnic areas to do some painting here that I think the fans will appreciate because they look around and they notice that there are some things that need to be done here," said Silver. 

Also on the agenda, new restrooms, a sound system and a museum in the old firehouse.

"We have people who would love to give us things and a collection of our own that we would like to house so that's something we have talked about for a number of years and that would be part of this project as well," said Silver. 

And if you aren't the biggest Red Wings fan but attend Frontier Field for concerts, there's this perk: a new pedestrian bridge onto the field.

The county and city are on board with the changes. Now, the ball is in the hands of the state.


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