Rochester Police Sgt. Runs 100 Miles for VOC

- Sergeant Brett Sobieraski has been with the Rochester Police Department for the past 22 years. In just a few days, he will face one of the greatest challenges of his life.

He will attempt to run 100 miles in under 18 hours.

"It's hard to get your head wrapped around it at first, but it makes sense once you do it once," said Sobieraski.

This Saturday, Brett will run in the Summer Beast of Burden 100 Mile Ultramarathon.

"The race starts in Lockport on the canal path. You run 12.5 miles to Middleport. You turn around and run back on the same side of the canal path and you do that four times. I keep running. I may stop every three miles or so or walk real fast while I eat or drink because I have not got that down pat. I kind of drown and then just get back at it again," said Sobieraski.

Brett's motivation will be strong. This year, he's running for the Veterans Outreach Center.

"It's very important. Especially after the wars we just had and these people sacrifice so much for so little pay for us that it's very well deserved," said Sobieraski.

Since Brett will be running for hours and hours, he has a team of supporters, former and current members of the swat team, who will take turns running 12.5 miles with him.

Todd Baxter, who is the former Greece Police Chief, and now the Executive Director of the Veterans Outreach Center, is one of them.

"Law enforcement and the military have something in common. Both give up their lives for the freedom of others. Brett is just finding another way to say thank you," said Baxter.

So far, Brett has raised about $3,500. Baxter says the money will go to local vets who need it the most.

"If you look at it, we are right here on South Avenue. This is a local non-profit. We open the doors based on people donating money to us to provide direct services to our veterans, so what Brett is doing is giving money to the Veterans Outreach Center, so we can provide services right here on South Avenue to our veterans," said Baxter.

With just a few days until the big challenge, Brett says he's anxious but excited.

"There's no good reason to run 100 miles if you aren't raising money for someone," said Sobieraski.

If you would like more information on how you can donate, email Brett at

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