Rochester Native Suiting Up For Super Bowl

Brothers and NFL defensive ends Arthur Jones, III of the Baltimore Ravens and Chandler Jones of the New England Patriots embody the saying, "faith, family, football."  Uncle Jeffrey Melvin talked about what they men were like growing up, "they just had a wonderful work ethic, they're family people, they believe in god and they're moral guys."

They were born in Rochester and come from a family of athletes including middle brother Jonny "Bones" Jones.  Jonny is the UFC World Light Heavyweight Champion, "he was kind of skinny to play football but he was an extremely aggressive wrestler," explained Melvin, "people don't know this, Arthur and Jon were both state champions in wrestling, so even Arthur, the one that plays for the Ravens, he's a tremendous wrestler himself."

Two weeks ago Arthur and Chandler faced off in the AFC Championship game.  In Rochester, their family gathered around the TV at their grandparents house, which they affectionately call, "Jonesville."  Uncle Jeffrey says everyone was excited, "either way a Jones was going to the super bowl and that was a wonderful thing."

Now the family is gearing up to go back to "Jonesville" to cheer Arthur on to win the Superbowl, "I believe the momentum is going the Ravens way with the whole Ray Lewis thing, and it's going to be the Ravens I'm guaranteeing a win," said Melvin.

Along with coming from a big family of athletes the brothers also come from a big family of religious men.  Their dad and grandfather are both pastors, and uncle Jeffrey Melvin is a bishop.  Melvin says the brothers faith has helped keep them grounded with all their success.

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