Rochester Man Arrested for Brighton Street Robbery

- Rochester, NY (WROC)-  A Rochester man was arrested after allegedly attacking a woman and stealing her car on Brighton street on August 17th.  Trashawn Bell, 18, was charged with Robbery 2nd degree, Grand Larceny 4th degree, and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 4th.

The community reacted strongly after the incident in an area not known for this type of crime.   "My memory is very good," said Joseph Hanna, the property owner where the victim lives, "I think in the last 15 years I can recall two such incidents of the 400 apartments I've owned."

Hanna said the Stanton apartment complex is lit up with special RG&E lights but does not have outside surveillance cameras. Residents also have the option of paying $30.00 to park in a lot rather than the neighboring streets.

Trisha Lagana lives right next door to the apartment complex and Brighton street, where the alleged attack occurred. She's lived there for the past four years.

"As a woman it would blow me away, Id be afraid to walk the streets by myself," Lagana said. "I am besides myself, I am in utter shock."

Lagana said she never felt unsafe in her neighborhood but now will look over her shoulder when she's walking home at night. Betsy Harris agreed.

"I've had friends whose homes have been broken into around dinner time, which is strange," Harris said. "Because they were home. Their cars were broken into while in the driveway and while they were parked when they were playing kickball."

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