Roc Well Report: Wound Healing Center

- Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be intimidating for patients but Janice Cifelli is always right by their side here at the UR Medicine Wound Healing Center, "I have the opportunity to really get to know my patients on a person level because they're here every day, Monday thru Friday for 6-8 weeks."   It's that kind of care that has helped the center on Sawgrass drive earn national accreditation.   It's awarded by the undersea and hyperbaric medical society and out of nearly one thousand centers nationwide, only 141 have that national honor."This just shows that it's one more thing that we're doing so that people can be assured that when they're coming here, they're getting high quality care."

The treatment is most common among diabetics with wounds that won't heal.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is proven to help speed up the healing process of most wounds. Patients go into the tank where there is 100% pure oxygen helping to heal the wound from the inside, out.  Brenda added, ""It actually infuses in their bloodstream. It puts oxygen into their plasma. And that's what enhances the healing."  "The 100% oxygen is actually considered a drug and it can be toxic if it isn't administered correctly. So, we don't take that lightly."   And they didn't take the national accreditation application lightly either, ""We actually put together 26 different sets of policies and procedures and demonstrate that we provide high quality, safe care." 

Currently, national accreditation for the therapy isn't mandetory in New York but reps for the would healing center believe it could be  in the future.  For now though, they're happy being ahead of the curve, "

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