Roc Well Report: Freshman 15

- Brockport, NY (WROC) - SUNY Brockport student Erin Sweeney is excited for her freshman year.  "I think its going to be a lot of adjustment, and a lot of change, but I'm ready for it."  That includes watching what she eats, and exercising.  "I'm big on fitness, and I'm really excited to workout in the SERC.  It's gorgeous, and I've visited before.  I'm really excited to use that, and hopefully avoid the weight gain," Sweeney added.

Sweeney's talking about the "Freshman 15."  It's the idea that freshman in college gain 15 pounds when they go away to school.

Mathew Devine is a physician at Highland Family Medicine.  He says eating foods of convenience, or fast foods typically high in calories, can cause the weight gain.  "70 percent of all college students gain weight.  It's not necessarily always in their first year.  It averages about 12-14 pounds over the four year duration," Devine said.

All you can eat meal plans at the campus cafeteria can also pack on added pounds.  Late night eating, and less sleep in general, may also do it; and drinking alcohol doesn't help.  "Kinda all those things combined can really create this cocktail of having increased weight gain throughout those first four years," Devine added.  He suggests getting enough sleep, eating balanced meals, and avoiding late night snacks.  

Students we spoke with say they can handle that.  "Depends on what you do. Stay in shape, eat right, and you'll be alright," said freshman Damion Fender.

"I'm not going to eat pizza every single day, and fried chicken every single day.  So, I'll be smart about it.  Keep stuff in my room to stay healthy at night," said freshman Kenny Stables.

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