Roc Well Report: Cycling For Sally

- Rochester, NY (WROC)-  Carly LaVigne wishes you could meet her mom, Sally, too.  "My mom died in 1990 after five years of having ALS," said Carly.

If you know anything about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or "Lou Gehrig's disease," you know that the fatal neuromuscular disease can rip through the very fabric of a family.  "ALS takes a lot of things away from people.  It took her voice and it took her physical well being... I like to think of her as the hub of the wheel of our family, and we were all the spokes."
Fitting, perhaps, that this 42-year-old is about to ride her bike from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine.  She's cycling for Sally.  "I've been training actually for over a year now," said Carly.  Her journey in honor of her mom starts Sunday.  It's a 3,600 mile bike ride over 45 days.  "I think it's just a matter of settling into the groove everyday and getting used to the mileage."
Carly's ride, coined "Cycling for Sally," is raising money for the ALS clinic at the University of Rochester Medical Center.  The ALS clinic serves the whole community and has a direct impact on peoples' lives here and now.

LaVigne started fundraising several months ago and has raised $12,000 so far, and she says the ice bucket challenged has helped.  She saw a bump in donations several weeks ago.  "We've literally had 30 new donors," explained Carly.  "We've even had two people who don't even know me, give money which is really exciting."
Indeed the challenge has certainly helped Carly's cause but her mom is the real heart of her story, and the reason for her ride.

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