Roasted Red Bell Pepper

Need some roasted red bell peppers, but don't wanna pay the price? Make your own. I'm Chef Cari with The Food Channel and I'm going to show you how. 

You can roast red bell peppers over an open flame, a grill, or even in an oven. All I'm doing is basically charring the outside skin. You will need to maneuver it so the flame gets to all the parts. Once it starts to char, it goes pretty quickly. Immediately transfer to a brown or plastic bag or you can cover it in a bowl and let it steam at least 10 minutes. Steaming helps loosen the skin. Now you're ready to peel, you just want to make sure they're cool enough to handle. They will naturally tear so you can get to the seeds and the core. Well worth it. Now that you see how easy these are to make, you'll never settle for store bought again. So get in the kitchen.

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