Roadkill Used to Feed Zoo Carnivores


Rochester, NY (WROC) - The Seneca Park Zoo is using a unique way to feed some of its animals... it's giving the carnivores deer carcasses.

Zoo officials tell News 8 that the idea came about a year ago after an employee hit a deer with their car.  They then took the deer to the veterinarian to see if the animal was safe to feed to the lions, tigers and other meat eaters.  Ever since, they've used the carcass reuse program, but they don't accept the dead animals from just anyone.

"What we don't do is take deer from the public that just happen to bring them in," explained Zoo Director, Larry Sorel.  "We don't go searching along the road for deer.  It's a very controlled program, so that we can ensure we know the origin of the deer, and whether or not the deer themselves are healthy or suffering from disease."

Zoo officials say the deer carcasses are beneficial for the zoo animals because it brings out their natural behaviors.

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