RIT's 29th "Big Shot" at High Falls

- 600 People showed up at the High Falls Gorge Sunday night.  It's RIT's 29th "Big Shot" photo shoot.  This year the "shot" is back home.
With flashlights and cameras in hand, Rochesterians and photography fanatics from around the region bundled up--to be part of RIT's "Big Shot."

"All the people came out to do this.  It's just exciting to see everybody come out in the cold and do this.  And participate in something for photography.  Ya know, it's cool," said Morgan Schreiner, Rochester.

You could feel the excitement build along the Pont de Renne bridge prior to the big shoot.

"I think what's most exciting about it is just getting all kinds of people here for one cause.  And it's just kind of fun.  It's something to do in the middle of winter.  And it's been so cold.  So it's great," said Georgeanne Hogan, Rochester.

RG&E manipulated the Falls to make them full and energetic.  CSX ran trains on the tracks in the backdrop.  The city flipped the switch to make High Falls go dark, all so everyone here could light it up.

"In unison.  Left and right.  And left and right.  Much the same way someone paints their walls in their dining room or their living room.  And by having 550 people work their lights left and right across the face of the falls and the gorge and the river and the walls, it creates an exposure over time," and Michael Peres, RIT.

The Big Shot is not always shot at home.  In years past, it's happened in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Stockholm, Sweden and last year,  Dallas, Texas.  This year the goal was to capture Rochester's rich history.

"This is a uniquely Rochester picture.  I mean the Erie Canal Aqueduct is in this picture, so Rochester's history was lit up.  Which is kind of a special element.  And To have the railroad train on the railroad that was built in the late 1800's.  So I mean we really wanted to accentuate Rochester's great history," Peres.

Now this picture will be seen around the world.  It lives online and in print.

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