Richards Supporters Split On Moving Forward After Primary Loss

The union representing non-teaching employees in the Rochester City School District proudly endorsed incumbent Mayor Tom Richards in August.  Union President Dan DiClemente says that support isn't going away, "we did not support him because he was the best democratic candidate for mayor, we supported him because he was the best candidate for mayor."
That stance is a switch from 2011.  Back then, the union backed Bill Johnson in the special election, "Tom Richards has basically gained the endorsement of our support this time around because of the things he has done to stabilize the economics in this city," explained DiClemente, "he has balanced budgets, he has worked with the unions to try to develop new health care plans that saved the city money."
Richards will lose the backing of his own party.  The democrats endorsed him in the primary, but voters chose Lovely Warren instead, "as a democratic party our process has finished and we believe in the process and so the folks and the voters have spoken," explained Anthony Plonczynski, 21st Legislative District Leader.

Plonczynsi says now it's time for democrats to unite, "I think at this point in time as a party we really have to look within and see where that takes us, do we continue in fighting, do we continue that going on, what's going to be the legacy of this election and what's going to be the tenure of Ms. Warren moving forward if she is victorious in the general in November, and how do we move forward as a party."
Tom Richards has not said if he will stay in the race.  DiClemente hopes he does, "we think in the general election if the democratic voters overwhelmingly support Lovely Warren then she should win the election regardless of what the Working Families or Independence party brings to Tom Richards."

Richards has not said when he plans to announce his decision.

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