Results Show Small Gains on Common Core Tests

The state announced English and math tests scores for Grades 3 through 8. This is the second year the tests have been based on the controversial Common Core standards.

The percentage of students who scored at Level 3 or 4 on the math test, which is considered proficient, went from 31.2 to 35.8 for all grades combined. On the English tests, the percentage of proficient students went from 31.3 to 31.4 for all grades combined.

This is the first year scores can be compared to similar tests taken the year before. When the test results were announced last year, they showed a dramatic drop.

Teachers have complained about the rollout of Common Core, which happened very quickly. Many did not get adequate training or supplies. The state has agreed to delay teacher evaluations based on these Common Core tests.

Thousands of parents around the state refused to allow their children to take the tests. There is no data available on how many children statewide sat out the exams and how that may have affected the scores.

Rochester City School District students showed some improvement on math tests, with scores for all grades climbing from 4.8 percent proficient to 6.8 percent. On the English tests, the scores went from 5.6 percent proficient to 5.7 percent. The RCSD posted the lowest overall scores among the Big Five school districts.

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