Refusing the Common Core Exams


Common Core testing in grades 3 through 8 starts on Tuesday.

But some students are refusing to take the exams.

The opt-out movement started last year and a whole new set of parents are now joining in.

Rachel Rosner has done her homework.

She said she learned the facets of standards, teaching assessments, and publishing companies.

Rachel is now one of a growing number of parents who are allowing their children to refuse to take the state's new common core exams.

"She whole-heartedly agreed and is looking forward to asserting some power an authority over that nasty test booklet tomorrow morning," said Rachel Rosner.

Critics like Rachel say the exam was rushed, stresses students out, and is developmentally inappropriate.

The test results are also used to evaluate teacher performance.

"We as parents and teachers need to take a stand and say no this has got to stop," said Melissa Barber, a parent.

Melissa Barber is a 6th grade teacher in Rochester but also a Rush-Henrietta parent who sued the district last year.

"Last year my son was punished because they said it was being insubordinate for refusing the state exams," said Barber.

Rush-Henrietta is now allowing students to read quietly if they refuse the exams.

Melissa is not surprised by the increased parent support.

"I think it has made more parents aware to take a stand for our children. This is our children's future, this is our children's education," said Barber.

News 8 reached out to local school districts throughout Monroe County.

Here is the breakdown of how many students will refuse to take the exams this week.

Honeoye Falls-Lima: 9

Penfield: 21

Greece: 25-30

Wheatland: 5

Pittsford: 11

Spencerport: 12

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